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See your property from a new perspective.

Aerial Photography

Property and Estate Agent Drone Photography Use aerial photography and video to showcase your properties for sale, your business premises or simply your home

We provide a drone photographic service to all local towns and areas – Telford, Shrewsbury, Much Wenlock, Bridgenorth, Ironbridge, Wem, and further afield.

Individual Homes

Individual Homes

Drone photography can showcase your home or one you are trying to sell in a fashion that highlights and shows off it’s best features. Include the garden or hint as to the views it may have. Using photos taken from the sky we can usually feature all of your property in one frame and if needed we can merge multiple images to show all you property in a single photo.

Property Sales

Property Sales

Whether you are selling your own home privately or you are an estate agent selling a property for a client photographs or video from above can help show the best features of a house to include shots of the garden and/or surround areas rather than just the normal views making it stand out from other properties for sale.

Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises

For businesses such as hotels, restuarants, outdoor attractions or public houses an aerial photo of your premises either on the wall in your reception area, on your brochure or menu or even as a complete wall covering can create a favourable impression with clients old and new. Contact us for ideas on how we can help you make the most of such types of photography for your business.

New Housing

New Housing

For housing developers a ‘Birds Eye View’ can really help sell house newly built premises or indeed, prior to completion, help chart or publicise the development. We can fly through or over your development and provide photographs and video that will help you to show all features of your new estate. Regular visits can allow you to provide updates to either investors/sponsor or new prospective customers.

360 Panoramic Drone Photography

See your subject in high definition as from a drone by using our 360 interactive panoramas

Property and Estate Agent Drone Photography Use aerial photography and video to showcase your properties for sale, your business premises or simply your home

We provide a drone photographic service to all local towns and areas – Telford, Shrewsbury, Much Wenlock, Bridgenorth, Ironbridge, Wem, and further afield.

aerial 360 panoramic photographer

A 360 panoramic photo is comprised of multiple photographs taken from exactly the same sport in all directions. This allows people to view every single aspect, be it up, down to the right or left from a single photo.

Because of this 360 degree constraint these images are best viewed on a computer, tablet or mobile device which allows this photo to be moved around using your finger, mouse or simply the direction of your mobile!

Once created though they can be used on websites, Facebook and also added by us as Google Trusted Photographers to your Google local business page.

Having done work for Google Street View over a number of years (we have literally hundreds of our panoramas on Google Maps) we have now applied the photography method to aerial photos by drone. The results are amazing and, if the subject is large enough and located in such a place that CAA permissions are not breached we can produce one for you. They work especially well for Farms, Country Estates and Attraction Centres and can really help people to understand fully the location. It is almost if you are flying a drone and can decide what view you want, a shot from above!

How do we provide the view the customer wants?

Property Sales

Having been advised of the area and location that you require a 360 panoramic photograph of we will then discuss with you what you hope to achieve with your photo. This will help us decide what would be the best time of day and location for your very special photograph.

Using the power of computer simulations using Google Earth we can show you the type of view the finished product will produce at specific heights, locations and even times of the day and year.

This service is one opportunity that allows you to have a photographic image that few others will own and the finished result is always the subject of conversation and admiration from those that view the finished product. Also don’t forget that, as one of very few Google Trusted Photographers that is licensed by the CAA for Drone Photography we can also add your images to your Google Local Business Page which means that anyone seeking your business on Google may come across your unique and special 360 panoramic photograph.

Our Service

Use a 360 photo to explain to visitors the layout of your Park/Estate using labels Upload your 360 panoramic photo/s to Facebook as a conversation piece. Use as a basis for a tiny planet photo of your property/Land (example shown above) Show a selection of times of year using 360 photos all taken from the same location/altitude (example shown above) Your 360 Panorama can be added to your Google Local Business Page

Drone Roof and Chimney Inspections

See for yourself the parts of your property impossible to see from the ground

Roof, Chimney & High Level Inspections by Drone, The safe and economical way to check the parts of your property it is difficult to see.

Drone Roof Inspections

Drone Roof Inspections Assessing the state or repair or degree of damage to a roof, be it on a domestic property, a church roof or a large flat factory roof can be an often dangerous and always costly procedure. With the use of drones the task becomes far easier and often more thorough than before. Using this method of roof inspection not only allows you to discover any damage and/or work required to a roof but you will have a first hand record of what the problems are than having to rely on a report from a tradesman who has viewed your property with a ladder or by using costly scaffolding.

Chimney Inspections

Chimney Inspections Chimneys are generally the highest point on a building and it is usually impossible to inspect their condition without human access. Binoculars generally are not a solution as from the ground it is impossible to see the state of the capping and where the pots are embedded to the top of the chimney. Faulty flashing around a chimney very often the cause of a leaking roof and again it’s condition is hard to inspect from the ground.

We are fully CAA A2CofC licensed operators

CAA licensed A2CofC operators

As a fully CAA licensed A2CofC operators we can provide top quality photographs and videos, often at short notice, in a safe and legal fashion. With hours of flying experience and nearly a decades of photo and video editing experience we are confident we can supply the quality you desire. We are fully insured to comply with the regulation EC785/2004

A Shot From Above are fully insured against injury and damage with £1million public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400 feet. We are allowed to fly over and close to involved people, but not over large crowd's of people,

We are also Certified and Approved Google Street View Trusted Photographers which means we can, when appropriate, add your images both to Google Maps Street View and also to Google local business..

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